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15 Feb

JP Morgan Chase specialists think that a new super-cycle of growth has been developing in the raw materials markets, the fifth in one hundred years. The previous one started in 1996, and its peak was in 2008. The JP Morgan report indicates, in particular, a probability of a long-term growth of prices for oil, as market participants place their stake on post-pandemic economic recovery. There is one more reason of energy resources price growth stated by JP Morgan, combating climate change, which may be followed by oil production control. As per JP Morgan analysts estimates, in the fourth quarter of 2021 Brent oil cost may raise up to $68 per barrel.

Not only JP Morgan Chase expects prices growth in the commodity market. Goldman Sachs Group, Bank of America and Ospraie Management analysts also predict commodity markets growth due to government programs for economic support and mass vaccination campaign for coronavirus all over the world. In particular, Goldman Sachs expects Brent oil price growth in the fourth quarter of 2021 up to $65 per barrel. Citigroup estimates that by the end of the year Brent oil will reach $70 per barrel.

03 Feb

Russia decided to resume international air communication with Azerbaijan and Armenia. A.Mishustin, Chairman of the Government, signed a corresponding resolution. From February 15th, 2021, two flights a week will be operated from Moscow to Baku, and four flights from Moscow to Erevan.

It is decided to resume air communication with Azerbaijan and Armenia starting from February 15th, 2021, by mutual consent , - the document stated.

Besides, from February 08th regular Moscow-Minsk air flights amount is increased from three to five a week, flights from Rostov-on-Don and Saint Petersburg to Minsk are resumed one flight a week, and amount of regular air flights from Moscow to Kirgizia is increased from one to three flights a week.

See details in RBC:

02 Feb
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Aerofuels Group of Companies extended the Contract for refueling of Czech Airlines flights in the European airports for two years (till the end of March 2023). For many years Aerofuels have been cooperating with Czech Airlines in aviation fuel supply of airlines in Russia and abroad, guaranteeing a high level service according to the current international requirements.

Czech Airlines is a national air ways company of Czech Republic founded in 1923. CSA today is one of the leading European air carriers operating flights to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Along with passenger flights the company is also engaged in charter and cargo operations, and is a member of Sky Team airline alliance.