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30 May

In May 16th - 18th in St.Petersburg the 74th jet fuel forum within the annual International Air Transport Association conference was held. Delegates from 61 countries representing the biggest air carriers and international airlines, suppliers of jet fuel, equipment and different expandable materials for aircraft refueling took part in the event.

IATA forum is one of the most representative and recognized professional events within which key members of the world jet fuel industry are setting the vector of the industry development. Like in the previous years, Aerofuels group of companies representatives took an active part in the forum agenda: they held many meetings with their old partners, conducted negotiations on involvement of new customers in refueling in the Russian and international airports and on enlargement of the refueling geography abroad.

16 May

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Demonopolization in the fuel supply market made it possible to reduce the cost of services for refueling and storage, though kero cost in the Russian airports actually made equal to indexes of the European air terminals. We do not expect a significant growth of prices for kero in Russia if only there are no violent fluctuations in the currency market. Vladimir Spiridonov, Aerofuels Group General Director, told AviaPort about a current situation and perspectives of the development.

The Russian market has approached the world indicators

- What tendencies do we see now in the world jet fuel market?

- The jet kero cost in the world market has stabilized within a range from $490 to $530 a ton, if to judge upon the main on-exchange indicators. Consequently, in big airports the cost per ton for into-plane refueling makes average $530-570. At the same time all international oil companies hoped for a significant growth of aviation fuels cost in 2016. In the beginning of the year it was supposed that the price would be increased up to $650-700 per ton by December but the prognosis failed: in February-March of 2016 the price fell up to $330-350. I would like to remind that it is four times less than the prices level of a peak year of 2007.

The Russian market has much approached the world indicators. If even 3-4 years ago the jet kero cost when delivered to big airports made about 80% of the European prices, today there is practically no difference. It goes without saying that it is quite a pleasant fact for oil companies. Though, that, to put it mildly, is not a rather positive aspect for the Russian airlines which in the course of time have lost advantages in relation to the Western market players: today they have to buy kero in the domestic market at the world market prices. In the future that may impact the Russian air carriers competitiveness in international flights. But today, as we can see, the tendency is quite positive the passenger flow has increased by 20%.

24 Apr

In March, 2017 the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation FGUP of the Ministry of Transport of Russia issued to Aerofuels-Blagoveshchensk LLC the Certificate of Conformity for air services jet fuel supplies in the international airport of Blagoveshchensk (registration 130217.020). Today the certification is held within Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities and covers acceptance, storage, preparation to delivery, delivery for refueling and aircrafts refueling with jet fuel.

The results of the inspection confirmed conformance of Aerofuels-Blagoveshchensk refueling complex to all requirements for arrangement of the whole complex of services for aircrafts refueling with jet kero and anti-icing fluid.

Aerofuels-Blagoveshchensk LLC is a member of TZK network belonging to Aerofuels Group of Companies, and it possesses their own up-to-date refueling facilities and qualified staff. TZK guarantees their customers a high-quality certified jet kero refueling having passed the required laboratory inspections and tests, and usage of the equipment meeting the Russian and international standards.